Our New Apartment

I mentioned in my previous post about staying in Beijing that we were moving to a new apartment. We’ve moved! So I wanted to share some photos of our new apartment. We’ve done nothing to it yet, all of the furniture, etc belongs to our landlord, but I really love it!

Living in town, as much as I loved it, was just too hard for us. It was about an hour’s travel between home and school, but when you factor in Beijing traffic and the fact that I already work pretty long hours, I felt that I didn’t have time to live or have any time for myself. Because I just didn’t have time, I felt like my life was kind of spiralling a little because I never took time for myself and things I needed to do kept getting pushed back. It felt like everything was becoming hard. A gal needs her chill time after teaching 4-5 year olds all day!

So we moved to Shunyi. We lived in Shunyi before moving to town and while there is a lot less to do, there are still plenty of restaurants, etc around to try. There is much more to do than there was before we moved. We now live 5 minutes from school and it’s amazing! I get home almost 2 hours earlier each evening and it just makes so much difference! Not to mention the little lie-ins I get in the morning now.

Our new apartment is pretty big and had 2 bedrooms but our bathroom is tiny, which is kind of a problem! We have a garden though and although it’s empty right now, I can’t wait to get a BBQ and some sun loungers out there for sunny days. It’s early days in our apartment but so far we definitely made the right decision to move – we love it!

Do you have any tips for decorating our apartment and making it our own? Let us know in the comments.

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